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Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
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Thank you to all of our Featured Members. Your membership fees make it possible to honor those who participate in the Annual Art & Essay contests as well as the Scholarship Fund.

At Walker & Associates/, a Christian web directory, we understand how important it is for businesses and organizations to reach consumers. We provide a platform that lists Christian own businesses as well as highlight services of ‘Featured members’.

Whether you want to link and connect your business or perhaps want to do good for your community, you can find Christian businesses that will match your needs with support from the Christian online directory.

In the Walker & Associates/ Christian online directory, you can have access to organizations that can:

  • Help Develop Your Business

    ‘Featured Member, Mary Ann Miceri, a realtor has market expertise and business abilities. She analyses the best solution for her client’s real estate needs.

    Soares Accounting & Tax Services, can assist individuals and small business owners in thrive in today’s challenging world of accounting, planning, and tax preparation.

    Back Office Administrators provides support for small companies via general business administrative services, as well as business planning and coaching, among others.

    Mobi9Tech may be what you seek if you need a full-service digital marketing agency. They provide high-quality custom web development, corporate software solutions, and more.

  • Help You Reach Your Community

For individuals hoping to extend help to their communities, you may also have access to organizations with similar causes in the Walker & Associates/ Christianonline directory. Here you can find information regarding the Promoting Joy 24/7 Scholarship Fund as well as the annual Christmas Art Contest.

If you have questions about the Walker & Associates/ Christian business directoryplease let us know.


Finding a gift for someone close to your heart can be challenging.
You can find gift items in the Walker & Associates/ Christian online directory:

  • Artwork

    Giving a piece of art as a gift would be a pleasant idea. ‘Featured member’ Art by Gary Moore, displays breathtaking landscapes and nature scenes, including African heritage artwork. If you’d prefer something more personal, another member of ours, Paint4Kidz, has products that allow children to have their artwork designs or pictures displayed on keepsakes.

  • Personalized Things

    Personalized presents express a great deal of love and affection. You can warm your loved ones’ hearts by giving them embroidered keepsake blankets with Nana’s Lap Throws. You can find customized clocks, placemats, puzzle plaques, and more at Majestic World Gifts.

  • Commemorative Items

    Someone with an avid interest in history would indeed appreciate commemorative items. Art Connected Group Heritage Gifts offer African American heritage commemorative souvenir gift items, which include Buffalo Soldiers, Bessie Coleman, and Red Tail merchandise.

Find Christian businesses with Walker & Associates/ Christian online directory.

Annual Christmas Art Contest


We are happy & excited to announce that Award prizes are distributed to EVERYONE who submits an entry.

Scholarship Fund

Walker & Associates Scholarship Fund  is dedicated to provide scholarship funds each year for deserving graduates. Primary criteria for the selection based on community service aligned with financial need and merit. 


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