A Gift Guide for Your Loved Ones


Finding a gift for someone close to your heart can be challenging.
You can find gift items in the Walker & Associates/promotingjoy247.com Christian online directory:

  • Artwork

    Giving a piece of art as a gift would be a pleasant idea. ‘Featured member’ Art by Gary Moore, displays breathtaking landscapes and nature scenes, including African heritage artwork. If you’d prefer something more personal, another member of ours, Paint4Kidz, has products that allow children to have their artwork designs or pictures displayed on keepsakes.

  • Personalized Things

    Personalized presents express a great deal of love and affection. You can warm your loved ones’ hearts by giving them embroidered keepsake blankets with Nana’s Lap Throws. You can find customized clocks, placemats, puzzle plaques, and more at Majestic World Gifts.

  • Commemorative Items

    Someone with an avid interest in history would indeed appreciate commemorative items. Art Connected Group Heritage Gifts offer African American heritage commemorative souvenir gift items, which include Buffalo Soldiers, Bessie Coleman, and Red Tail merchandise.

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